CRCR Certification

Created to advance your own or your revenue cycle staff’s proficiency and technical expertise.

The Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program helps set standards of performance for revenue cycle staff. By becoming certified in the CRCR program, you or your team has the designation that proves a high level of revenue cycle knowledge and expertise has been reached. Individuals as well as organizations may purchase the program.

The CRCR Program:

  • At the successful completion of the program, HFMA members and non-members will become certified in the CRCR program.

  • HFMA members and non-members who have earned the CRCR designation must recertify every two years.

  • The CRCR exam will be proctored electronically and monitored by HFMA.

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Who Should Become Certified?

CRCR is recommended for hospital revenue cycle staff and associated departments. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Patient Access

  • Patient Accounts

  • Health Information Management

  • Billing Department

  • Case Management

  • Compliance  Decision Support

  • Finance

  • Financial Representatives

  • Managed Care Operations

How Does It Work

The CRCR exam is available to individuals and organizations.

  • This comprehensive program consists of an online self-study course, and an online exam with 150 questions, that includes topics on the following:

    • Compliance

    • Patient access

    • Claims processing

    • Account resolution

    • Cash

    • Financial management

    • Support departments

  • The online CRCR self-study course can be completed in approximately 10 hours.

  • The CRCR self-study course is available to you for one year from date of purchase.

  • Both the study course and online exam are supported by the HFMA national learning management system platform.

  • All candidates will be able to print out a certificate and congratulatory letter upon successful completion of the exam.

What Is the Value of the Certification Program?

Healthcare rules are becoming more complex, customers are demanding more, and staff is being held at a higher level of accountability than at any other time. Today’s revenue cycle staff must have a broader understanding of the entire revenue cycle and how it influences the financial outcomes of the healthcare organization. HFMA’s Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) program provides healthcare organizations with a means to ensure that their revenue cycle staff has the body of knowledge necessary to meet these demands.  

CRCR Benefits for Individuals:

  • Achieves a recognized professional certification and designation by the leading healthcare finance professional association

  • Provides verification of professional competencies and currency

  • Enhances career growth opportunities

  • Provides a deep understanding of revenue cycle operations

  • Demonstrates a commitment to professional growth

CRCR Benefits for Organizations:  

CRCR allows you to measure understanding of the revenue cycle and assist you with:

  • Improving financial performance by raising revenue cycle staff knowledge.

  • Measuring revenue cycle staff proficiency.

  • Recognizing staff knowledge and expertise.

  • Decreasing turnover.

  • Decreasing liability.

  • Increasing inter-departmental cooperation.

  • Heightening staff confidence work satisfaction.

  • Increasing performance against selected metrics.

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